Adoption, Not Abortion

BFLW Devotional
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“I wish someone told me what was going to happen; I wish someone would told me the pain wasn’t temporary… I will forever feel worthless inside for my decision.” This statement was made by a seventeen-year-old girl who had an abortion two years ago. To her, abortion seemed like the only option – to be free of the unwanted baby was to be free of the unwanted problem was it? Is there another choice Infertility, unbearable guild, and the value of life are only three of the many reasons that the choice should always be adoption, not abortion.

According to a study that was conducted on April 26, 2016, over fifty-four percent of all adoptions – both domestic and international – take place by couples who cannot have children of their own. Young girls or women who get pregnant unintentionally often consider abortion before they consider the hundreds of thousands of couples who want more than anything what they cannot have – a child of their own. Many times, the argument is, “But my child will be born with a disorder.” Dr. Brand Imler, President of America’s Pregnancy Helpline, stated, “In the USA, there are approximately two million infertile couples waiting to adopt, many times regardless of the child’s medical problems such as Down Syndrome, Spina Bifida, HIV infection or terminally ill.” Do women considering abortion to realize that there is a waiting list for adoptions? Do they give thought to the hurting husband and wife who are longing to share their love with a child? My own mother tells me of three miscarriages that she endured before my sister was born. Even though their heartache for that option. Stop to consider that the miracle of life is being taken for granted and destroyed by hundreds of thousands of women each week, while there are parents who desire to give a second chance to a child that is not their own.

Katrina Fernandez, a humor writer, said, “I killed two of my children, robbed my parents of grand-children, and murdered my son’s siblings. These abortions directly caused a medical condition known as incompetent cervix which resulted in the premature birth of another son who died after a week long struggle in the NICU in 2001. The suffering I’ve endured and caused others is immeasurable and the guild almost drove me suicidal. I am a coward in every way.” When a woman consults with an OB/GYN about an abortion, she is reminded of the “burden” that abortion will rid her of. She is told how “quick and painless” the procedure will be. Never, never, does a doctor tell a woman considering abortion how much mental torture she will endure. A list of pros and cons is not given (with “sleepless nights” and “agonizing guilt and regret” on the side of the latter); but they still exist. Myths and misconceptions about adoption have associated all of the guilt with following through with the birth and placing the child up for adoption. One misconception is “I will never get to see my child again. He will grow up thinking I abandoned him.” Being well aware of these fears, there are many organizations out there to make sure that is not the case. Nightlight Christian Adoptions not only connects with expectant mothers and provides them with profiles of parents who are ready and waiting to adopt, but they also enable ongoing contact between the birth mother and the adopting family. Pictures can be sent, visits can be made, and stories and love can be shared. Not all women make the choice to become pregnant, but each woman can make the choice not to let their pregnancy and with guilt.

What is the value of one life? Kate Wiggin stated, “Every child born into the world is a new thought of God, an ever-fresh and radiant possibility.” 6 At conception, every child begins to be perfectly formed in the image of God. Three weeks after conception, the baby’s heart and brain begin to form – a heart that is meant to one day love, and a brain that should eventually reason and form dreams and desires. There are approximately 125,000 unborn babies who are murdered every day in the United States and, with them, 125,000 dreams and futures are destroyed. One life is too valuable to be ended in the womb. Psalms 127:3 says, “Lo, children [are] an heritage of the LORD: [and] the fruit of the womb [is his] reward.” When someone is given a gift, – a valuable one, nonetheless – that gift is prized above all else, an unborn child is one of the most valuable gifts given to man by God. Why, then, has it become acceptable to heedlessly discard this gift? If a Woman is not able to care for her child, adoption provides a way for that child to be placed in the arms of someone who can. Valerie Harper stated, “However motherhood comes to you, it’s a miracle.”

Every child deservers a home and deserves to be loved. While many see abortion as a quick solution to their problem, it is not. Infertility begs women considering abortion to reconsider, unbearable guilt lurks not far down the road, and the value of one life evidences itself in the face of every child. Abortion is a decision that cannot be undone. Choose life, choose a second chance, and choose love. Choose adoption, not abortion.

Devotional submitted by:
Alayna Klemenc
Southport Baptist Church
Kenosha, WI

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