Advised to Terminate the Pregnancy

BFLW Devotional
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 As a board member of BFLW, it is an honor to serve. What a blessing to have a part in this important ministry of saving babies and bringing men and women to the Lord Jesus as their Saviour.

 Praise the Lord for Andy and Nancy Buhrow and all the workers and volunteers who labor at the pregnancy centers. 

The rest of this devotional is very personal. The Lord has given Mary and I three beautiful children: Raymond, Charity, and Joy. 

Several years after Charity was born, we had a miscarriage. The doctor told us that it would be very difficult to have another baby. We were surprised five years later when the doctor told us that we were going to have another baby. 

At the beginning of the pregnancy, Mary continued to have a very difficult time. The doctor thought it would be best to run several tests to see the viability of the baby. The results of the amniotic fluid caused the doctor worry and concern. His advice to us was to terminate the pregnancy. 

We shared with the doctor our Biblical beliefs regarding abortion. He did not share the same. We were referred to a specialist, who shared our same beliefs. 

Mary was on complete bedrest the last four months. The last two weeks Mary was in pre-natal care at the hospital in Milwaukee. She had been in labor for almost 5 months. It was a difficult time for all of us, but God was faithful, and met our needs. 

Praise the Lord! Joy was born January 4, 1987. She was perfectly healthy and beautiful. She and her husband Ezra are serving the Lord at Lone Rock Baptist Church in rural New Lisbon. 


Submitted by Pastor Ray Anderson

Member of the Board, BFLW