August 2020 Prayer Letter

Our Purpose
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Andrew BuhrowII Timothy 2:19 = “Nevertheless the foundation of God standeth sure, having this seal, THE LORD KNOWETH THEM THAT ARE HIS”……. What a comforting thought that God knows which ones of us belong to Him. It seems today that everyone has their own opinion as to what a Christian is supposed to be like and how they are to act. I can rest in the fact that God knows.

As many of you know since I sent out my last letter a lot of things have happened. Nancy and I both got the covid-19 virus and were quite sick for a few days. We are finally starting to get our strength back but we are not at full strength yet. As a result of that we canceled our pro-life rally for this year and the summit we had scheduled in August. The only thing we have still on our agenda is the essay contest for this year.

I plan to be in churches each Sunday and I only have a couple of Sundays in November to fill to complete the year. We need prayer that opportunities to serve will remain open.

I can’t stress enough how important this Fall’s election is to the pro-life issue. This isn’t about party politics, it’s about where candidates stand on abortion. When you have one candidate that is strongly supportive of protecting the lives of the unborn and the other advocating the right for women to kill their babies for the entire 9 months of pregnancy, it seems like it would be a simple decision as to whom you would vote for. Our Country seems to be strongly divided on this issue and the candidate who wins will be determined by which side has the most people concerned enough to vote. I pray that it is important enough to you.

I encourage you all to remember to support our 5 pregnancy centers with your service and financial support as these are vital links in saving babies lives.

Thank you for all your support for this important ministry.

In Christ,

Andrew K. Buhrow—Executive Director—Baptists for Life of Wisconsin