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Video CameraVideo arguably is the most powerful form of communication because of its use of multiple senses and ability to reach the viewer intellectually and emotionally. We have developed a video contest to help the Pro-life message spread further than just typical thesis projects which seldom get read outside of the writer and judge. We have developed two categories for this contest.

Produce a 2 to 6 minute video about “The Option of Adoption”

  1. Biblical – Bible proof using references (KJV) and/or Bible analogies.
  2. Personal – Referencing true or based on true stories from personal or other’s experiences.


  • Must submit a video link (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) or use a file sharing service to send a copy of your video (, Google Drive, etc.) to Baptist for Life
  • Submission of 720p or higher resolution preferred but will accept standard definition
  • Video submitter must be the owner of all media or written permission from media copyright owner submitted to Baptist for Life

Judging Guidelines

  • 25% technical skills
    - Camera work
    - Editing
    - Lighting
  • 25% story
    - Acting
    - Directing
    - Scripting (Story depth, Story flow)
    - Music fits with story (if any music)
  • 40% content
    - Clarity of Pro-life message
    - Strength of Pro-life message
  • 10% artist statement
    - Clarity of video purpose
    - Grammar
  • 1% will be docked for every 5 seconds a video exceeds the stated length guidelines


    • Use copy righted music without submitting permission from the musician and composer
    • Use another individual’s or company’s work without permission from the artist(s)
    • Use inappropriate content including

- Glorification of drug and alcohol use
- Sexual or suggested sexual content
- Approving of racial or gender discrimination
- Promotion of unlawful acts