Prayer Letters
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In the book of Lamentations Jeremiah is lamenting the condition his country is in and how far they have gone in turning away from God. He cries out to the people in Lamentatiosn 1:12 = “Is it nothing to you, all ye that pass by? I believe we are in a similar situation in our country today. Sin seems to have infiltrated every area of life. I just read an article where a church denomination endorsed abortion as an acceptable option for women. That same denomination declared homosexuality as a legitimate lifestyle not long ago. It is a sad day when those who supposedly are following the Bible declare that what God said in His Word is no longer true or is outdated. Andrew Buhrow

With this in mind, we at Baptist for Life of Wisconsin are trying to do something about the way our country is going. On January 22, we are planning to meet with as many of you as possible at Madison Baptist Church, 2323 Portage Rd. in Madison at 10:30 AM for a brief rally and challenge with Pastor Jason Brenenstuhl, and then proceed to the capital building to join pro-life people from all over Wisconsin at 11:30 AM to march around the capital building. I know this is a very short notice, but I just received the information a few days ago. I would like to encourage Christian Schools and homeschoolers to consider getting involved as a field trip. I can’t think of anything they could do that would have a greater impact or be a greater educational experience than this. Let’s let our elected officials in Madison know that there are many in Wisconsin that are pro-life. To find out more about the rally at the capital you can go to the following link:

So far I have not received any other nominations for the board of BFLW but the 5 who are up for re-election. I did extend the deadline to the 15th to give people more time. If no one else is nominated, we will probably declare those 5 the winners and not send out an election ballot.

I will be working on my schedule for presenting Baptists for Life of Wisconsin. I have a couple of Sundays open in April and 2 Sundays in May. After that I am pretty well open. I would also like to present our essay and video contests in some Christian schools. Let me know if I might come and speak in your school chapel.

Our annual rally is scheduled for April 13th at Faith Baptist Church in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. It will run from 1:00—3:00 PM and Dr. John Wilkerson will be our main speaker. We are asking each church to consider taking up an offering in their church to bring to the rally and a package of diapers for our centers.

If you are considering taking up an offering for BFLW on “Sanctity of Life” Sunday, January 20th, let me know I have some new bulletin inserts that I can send you. Just let me know how many you need.

Nancy and I appreciate all your prayer and financial support for this vital ministry. May the Lord richly bless you for all you do.

Your servant for LIFE,
Andrew K. Buhrow—Executive Director– Baptists for Life of Wisconsin