January 2023 Prayer Letter

Prayer Letters
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II Chronicles 21:20 = “(Jehoram) Thirty and two years old was he when he began to reign, and he reigned in Jerusalem eight years, and departed without being desired.” Here was a man that had a lot going for him. He was in the lineage of David and had become king of Judah when his father, Jehoshaphat had died. Both his father and his grandfather, Asa, had been good kings and good examples for him to follow. Instead of following them, however, he followed the way of the kings of Israel. He killed his own brothers and married the daughter of king Ahab of Israel. To sum up his life as someone who died without anyone really caring is a sad commentary indeed. He had a chance to live in such a way that he could have had people caring about him, but he did not. 

Every day there are scores of babies executed before they have had the chance to become desired by their parents. Their parents never took the time to get to know that little life they had created so it was easier to extinguish it before they became attached. Until we come to the place where we believe every life should have the chance to be loved, there will continue to be thousands that will be exterminated simply because they weren’t desired at that time. 

Nancy and I are excited as we start the last year of serving the Lord in this important ministry. Our schedule is set for the first 4 months and we are looking forward to filling up the rest of the year with meetings in the churches of Wisconsin. We appreciate the army of prayer warriors that have faithfully prayed for us in all our travels. Keep up the great work. We also thank the Lord for how He has provided the financial support needed to carry on this ministry. Thank you all who have helped in that area. 

Our essay contest for High school students is winding down and will conclude at the end of January. A new contest will start in February and we trust we will have many young people getting involved. 

This year our pro-life rallies will be April 15th at Faith Baptist Church in Oak Creek and at Immanuel Baptist Church in Menomonee on the 22nd of April. Jim Schneider of VCY radio will be our featured speaker at both. Plan to attend and be challenged to get involved wherever the Lord might lead you. 

Let me know if you would like me to present BFLW in your church this year. We are excited about the theme for this year “What Does Christlike Look Like”. My email address is info@bflw.org and my phone number is 608-780-4576. 

In Christ, 

Andrew K. Buhrow
Executive Director
Baptists for Life of Wisconsin