March 2020 Prayer Letter

Our Purpose
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Andrew BuhrowDeuteronomy 19:10 = “That innocent blood be not shed in the land, which the Lord thy God giveth thee for an inheritance, and so blood be upon thee.” I heard the story of a man that was accused of a crime, confess to the judge that he was guilty as charged and deserved to go to prison. The judge was so startled by this man’s admission of guilt that he had to consider how he would sentence him. Finally, after thinking it over, he declared he would not send him to prison because the prisons were filled with people who declared they were innocent and he didn’t want this man contaminating them.

That may seem rather humorous, but the truth is, there are few that are alive today that are totally innocent. In fact, the only people alive today that are totally innocent are the ones in their mother’s womb or those too young to know right and wrong. The Bible is very clear that shedding innocent blood is an abomination to God and He will judge those who do that. We have an election coming up this year in our Country and we have the opportunity and the responsibility to vote biblically for the candidates that best reflect what the Bible says. Not voting or voting for a candidate that supports the murdering of innocent people will result in leaving us with the blood of those innocents on our hands. Please think of that when you consider going to the polls. 

Our next big event for Baptists for Life of Wisconsin is our Pro-Life rally that will be held at Calvary Baptist Church in Watertown, Wisconsin. It will start at 1:00 PM on the 18th of April and Dr. Les Ollila will be our main speaker. We would like to encourage everyone to attend. If you aren’t able to come, could we encourage you to consider an offering for Baptists for Life of Wisconsin to help us champion the cause for those who aren’t able to speak for themselves. 

We will be having our annual meeting for BFLW this month on the 14th at Waunakee Baptist Church in Waunakee at 10:00 AM. We would encourage you to come and be a part of our ministry. If you are not a member, we would encourage you to consider joining us in this ministry. Membership for BFLW is $35 a year for singles and $50 for couples. Membership also allows you to vote for who is on the board of BFLW. 

My schedule is pretty well full until the Fall and Nancy and I are thoroughly enjoying being in churches all over the State. Our nucleus of friends grows every week and that is a real blessing. Thanks for all your prayers and support for this important ministry. 

Your servant for the innocent, 

Andrew K. Buhrow—Executive Director—Baptists for Life of Wisconsin