March 2022 Prayer Letter

Prayer Letters
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“This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.”

2 Timothy 3:1

In the next 8 verses we are given a description of what the average natural man will be and act like in those perilous times. As I read those verses, I couldn’t help but notice how their characteristics were very similar to the way people are today. In contrast to that, we have Paul’s testimony of his life and behavior during perilous times in verses 10 & 11. The conclusion we should draw from this is that the more perilous the times we live in, the more of a difference there should be between the world’s way of living, and the lifestyle of the Christian. Convictions rather than cooperativeness ought to be the motivation behind our actions. 

I believe these are perilous times we live in today. Make sure the things that matter to you most are what matters the most to God as well. Be sure you stand where God stands. I have no doubt in my mind that means we will be pro-life and do all we can to speak up and do what we can to protect those little ones in the womb from being deprived of the opportunity of life.

February was another busy and blessed month for BFLW. Nancy and I were able to present the ministry in 4 churches, attend the “Refresh” conference in Iowa, and put up our display at the youth rally at Calvary Baptist Church in Watertown. What a blessing all of those activities were to us. 

We have the results of the high school essay contest. I want to thank everyone who participated. There were 20 who sent in essays this year. All the winners were from the Maranatha Baptist Academy. 

  • First place – Abigail Boorujy – $400 
  • Second – Anna Morken – $200 

There was a three way tie for third 

  • Hunter Weakley – $100 
  • Megan Prigge – $100 
  • Sarah Davidson – $100 

Next month we will be having two pro-life rallies. April 23rd we will be at Calvary Baptist Church in Watertown and April 30th we will be at Immanuel Baptist Church in Menomonie. Both rallies will start at 1:00 PM and both will have Dr. Les Ollila as the main speaker. I would like to encourage everyone to attend. Perhaps your church might take up a special offering for the rally. Several churches did that last year and we had the largest offering of all our rallies. 

I appreciate all your prayers and support. I still have some health problems that are a challenge. By God’s grace I want to continue for awhile longer. Please keep praying. 

Thank you for all your prayers and support for this important ministry. 

Andrew K. Buhrow
Executive Director
Baptists for Life of Wisconsin