November 2020 Prayer Letter

Our Purpose
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Andrew BuhrowGenesis 24:27 = “…..I being in the way, the Lord led me…” This is one of the longest chapters in the book of Genesis and tells the story of Abraham sending his servant, Eliezer, to find a wife for Isaac. He does what he is asked to do and finds Rebekah who fills all the requirements that Abraham had laid out. This phrase in verse 27 has always been a blessing to me. If we concentrate on being where we believe God would have us to be, we can expect God’s leading in accomplishing what He has planned for us to accom-plish. It is important that we focus on obeying what we know.

October has been another busy month. Due to the virus that has impacted so much of our lives, I had 1 cancelation and 1 reschedule. This is the month that I take one Sunday off to have a service at the race track at the LaCrosse Speedway, so that meant I actually only spoke in one church representing BFLW. I did at-tend 4 pregnancy center board meetings, spoke in 1 Christian School chapel, and met with 1 church that is working on starting an AIM program (Assistance In Mothering) in their church. I will also have attended a Hymn-sing/rally for one of our centers. 

I have 5 churches scheduled for the month of November and am planning to go deer hunting as well. This may be my last year of hunting, but as a person gets older he has to let go of things gradually. 

I cannot encourage you enough to be involved in this year’s election. The outcome of this election will have a tremendous impact on this ministry. The value of a life and the opportunity to live are at the center of both party’s platform and are directly apposed to each other in what they believe. I trust you are pro-life in your convictions strong enough that you will take the time to vote. 

I have prepared a new flyer for this next year on “Why Adopt” using the experiences members of my family went through in their adoption process. If you are considering taking an offering for Baptists for Life of Wisconsin on January 17th, (Sanctity of Life Sunday) please let me know how many you would like. I will also be taking them to all the churches I speak at during 2021. I am also working on a power point presentation that exposes what “Planned Parenthood” is all about that I will present as a Sunday school les-son. I am scheduled through the end of March at the present time but would love to schedule your church in this coming year. 

Our essay contest for high school students is still on and the deadline is January 31st. Our theme is “The Potential of a Life”. Check our web site for details. 

Thank you for all your prayer and financial support for this important ministry. 

In Christ,

Andrew K. Buhrow—Executive Director—Baptists for Life of Wisconsin