Prayer Letter August 2017

Prayer Letters
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Psalms 31:15 = “My times are in thy hand….”. When David penned these words he was struggling with all kinds of opposition and pressure. There was an obvious need for him to cry out to the Lord for encouragement and direction. The above statement is an acknowledgement that God was in control and his life was in the Lord’s hand.

Andrew Buhrow

The pro-life movement and the ministry of BFLW is a recognition that all lives are to be left in God’s hands as long as they are alive. That means every conceived child ought to be allowed to live and fulfill the purpose God has for them. That also means every person should have the right to live until God choses to end their life on earth.

In recent months I have not mentioned my mom. She is now 96 years old and though she seams to be in good health physically, her mental state is another story. Her dementia has gotten to the point where she has a difficult time differentiating between fantasy and reality. With Nancy taking over the directorship of the Agape Pregnancy Resource Center and my involvement with BFLW, it makes it difficult at times to have someone with her at all times. However, she is a ministry the Lord has given us and we pray for God’s wisdom to be able to continue to take care of her and carry out our other obligations as well. We do not pray that the Lord should take her home because, honestly, that would be a kind of spiritual euthanasia. (Asking God to take her life instead of us).

Not long ago I had someone (not in our Christian circle) ream me out because I had stated that I didn’t believe in assisted suicide or euthanasia. He said he had to watch his dad struggle in the last year of his life and they were not able to put him out of his misery. My mom is not in any pain and all her death would accomplish is making it easier for Nancy and me. To me, that is not a just reason for God to take someone’s life. Just pray that the Lord gives Nancy and me a right spirit and wisdom as we care for her.

On August 11th BFLW is hosting a summit for all our pregnancy center directors helping the to deal with challenges they face in their centers. Pray that the summit will be profitable for them. We are also working on an adoption program that we might be able to use in conjunction with our centers.

I am already scheduled to speak in some school chapels to promote our essay and video contests. Pray for more opportunities.

Nancy and I appreciate all those who pray for us regularly. We trust the Lord will give us many more days to serve Him in this vital ministry.

In His Service,
Andrew K. Buhrow

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