Prayer Letter September 2017

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When Paul was writing his first epistle to the Corinthians, he reminded the Christians there in the second and third chapters that God gave us His Spirit that we might freely know the things of God (2:12), That we have the mind of Christ (2:16), and that His Holy Spirit dwells in us (3:16). He then reminded the Christians there that the unsaved do not have that and don’t understand the things of God (2:14). All too often I see ministries trying to make themselves appealing to the world while they lose sight of their responsibility to equip the saints to be better able to reach the lost. Genuine Christianity will never be appealing to the world. It’s emphasis is on personal sacrifice and helping others. The natural man is not interested in either. He is looking for anything that will benefit him.

Andrew Buhrow

Baptists for Life of Wisconsin exists to provide another way for Christians to reach the lost for Christ. Our goal is to put tools in Christians hands to do that. Every day people are being murdered and we need to be reminded of that so we don’t become indifferent and do nothing about it. Does the Holy Spirit dwell in you?

August was a very profitable month for me. On the 11th I held a summit for all the pregnancy center directors at Calvary Baptist Church of Watertown. I want to thank them for being such gracious hosts. We had people there to explain what we could do to put together an adoption program. We found out that we could develop an adoption resource program, but not actually be an adoption agency.

I did find out about two other programs that churches could get involved in that would help churches in their endeavor to fulfill the Great Commission. One of these is a program called “Embrace Grace”, The other is a program providing “Safe Families” for children. I will be putting together information for my power point presentation that will explain them. Pray that I will have the wisdom needed to get this done.

I also was able to present the ministry of BFLW in 4 churches during the month. Each church was a real blessing to me and I gained new personal friends at each one. I truly count it a blessing and a privilege to serve in this ministry.

Continue to pray for this ministry. I have 4 churches, 4 school chapels, 2 Fellowship meetings, one pregnancy center banquet, and the BFLW quarterly board meeting scheduled for the month of September.

Thanks for all your prayers for this important ministry.

In His Service,
Andrew K. Buhrow

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