Prayer Letters
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I John 5:12 = “He that hath the Son hath life; and he that hath not the Son of God hath not life.” The emphasis of Baptists for Life of Wisconsin is on reaching people for Jesus Christ. Our “pro-life” focus is spiritual life that will prepare people for eternity. The pregnancy centers we start focus on sharing the gospel with every client that comes through the doors. Though each center is concerned with getting clients to choose life for their babies and will do all they can to help them to make that decision, their main goal is to see them come to Christ. My personal joy is knowing how many clients heard the gospel and how many were saved.

Andrew BuhrowThough the Summer has been a little less busy for Nancy and me as to the minis-try of BFLW, other things we have been involved with have kept us going. Now, as we look at our schedule for the Fall, we realize we have a lot going on. One thing I would like to do is line up opportunities to speak in Christian School chapels to pro-mote our essay and video contests. If you have a school and would like me to come, let me know. Our contests this year don’t end until May so I could come any time before April to promote them.

All of our centers are in need of financial support and volunteers. I would encour-age you to consider what you could do to help them in either or both areas. Most of them have fund-raising activities such as banquets, picnics, or rallies scheduled for this Fall. Please get involved.

I was encouraged about the plans that are being made to start a pregnancy center in Watertown. Calvary Baptist Church there is heading that up and have some great ideas to present to their area churches. If you are in that area and are interested in getting involved, let them know.

Don’t forget to get informed about the candidates that are running for office in this years’ election in your area and then vote. Many of those elected this Fall will impact pro-life issues in the future.

I do carry applications for the home study that is needed if you are interested in adopting. I would like to compile profiles of couples that want to adopt so that our centers would have them available if they have a client that wants to put their child up for adoption. Let me know if I can be of help in that area.

Thank you for praying for this important ministry and for the financial support you give. I count it a privilege to serve the Lord in this way.

In His Service,
Andrew K. Buhrow