Pro-Life License Plates

BFLW Devotional
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I praise the Lord for the pro-life plates on our vehicles. What a wonderful way to express our support for Pro Life.

I want to personally thank Julaine Appling for her tireless work for ten years to get the Republican legislature to finally approve the pro-life plates.

The great blessing of purchasing these plates at $25 is that the proceeds go to the pregnancy care centers across the state of Wisconsin. I would rather give to something that has eternal value than temporary value. Like to the Packers, Brewers or etc.

I would like to share a personal testimony from one of my former church members regarding the pro-life license plates.

Several years ago, Gary and Sonja Smith Were owners of Gary Smith Auto Body in Tomah, Wisconsin. One day, Sonja was traveling on the Interstate and passed a car whose driver was going to Gary Smith’s Auto Body as a vendor. This man noticed the pro-life plates on Sony’s car. Once he got to the shop, he was surprised to see the car with the same plates. When he entered the shop, he looked so sad and lonely. He asked what the plates with the little baby feet were all about. As Sonia had started to share with him about the license plates and the pregnancy care center, he told Sonja that his wife had two abortions and that he was able to talk her out of third. Now they have a young boy.

As he continued to come into the shop weeks later the office staff continued to witness to him. Sonja invited him to come to our church. He came one Sunday afternoon after our lunch was over and he told us that he had accepted Christ as his savior and was looking for a church in the Portage area. Praise the Lord!

He found Truth Baptist Church in Portage, Wisconsin where was baptized and joined the church.

Christ took a man who was sad and made him glad. Acts 2: 21 says and they that gladly received His word were baptized.

The Lord has given me opportunities to share the Gospel through pro-life plates. How about you?

Pastor Ray Anderson
Board Member, Baptists for Life of WI