Taking Care of Your Parents or Placing Them in a Nursing Home

BFLW Devotional
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Years ago most of us were raising our children and the thought of taking care of our parents were the furthest thought from our minds. Yet today it is becoming more common for us to take care of our parents. Why?

I believe there are several reasons why we must do this.

1. Because it is Biblical. Eph. 6:2,3 states “Honour thy father and mother; (which is the first commandment with promise;) That it may be well with thee, and thou mayest live long on the earth.

I believe we have a responsibility to take care of our parents. For many years they have taken care of us, we should do the same for them. My wife and I have been taking care of her father for the last four years. Don’t kid yourself! Your life will change completely. Their needs will come before yours, there is much sacrifice involved especially when they become ill, and they become more dependent on you. But the great blessing is that they are able to be with you all the time which gives you the blessing of demonstrating your love to them.

2. Because there will be no regrets or guilt. You have done all that you can for them. I have known families who placed their parents in a nursing home and have forgotten them. In 40 years of ministry I have seen and experienced the good and bad of nursing homes. There are two types of workers; those who punch a time clock and those who sincerely care for the folks. There are times when you have to put your parent or loved one in a nursing home. In doing so much thought and prayer should be involved.

3. Making them feel loved and secure in a familiar home setting as they approach the end of their life. Since June we have had my wife’s father in a local hospice program. They are fantastic in their care for him. It is wonderful to have people who come along and help during this tough time. It is a great opportunity to witness for the Lord. We know that he will soon join his wife in Heaven. What a blessing to know that your loved ones are saved.

Please consider your home as a “haven of rest” for Mom and Dad!

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