The Decline of the American Republic

BFLW Devotional
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Righteousness exalteth a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people. Prov. 14:34

I continue to marvel at how quickly our beloved nation has fallen from the pinnacle of world leadership to the disgraceful position we find her in today. In my lifetime I have seen a U.S. President pray for God’s mercy, and strength to defeat totalitarian Fascist dictators, hell bent on world conquest. I well remember living in a land where The Christian Sabbath was honored from shore to shore, with a majority of the American people spending their Sunday mornings in the churches of their choice, and the balance of the day in rest and family activities. How can I ever forget hearing a young, dynamic President challenge the people with these words. “Ask not what your country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your country.”

Today, what do we find? We see our President bowing to Fascist-like totalitarian dictators, and negotiating treaties to place into their hands weapons of mass destruction that can be used to destroy us and our allies. For many years, Sunday has been treated as just another day of the week, and today the vast majority of youth activities are scheduled on The Lord’s Day in order to justify neglecting family attendance of the local church. And sadly, we no longer ask “what can we do for our country,” but rather, “what can our country do for me.”

I believe the time has come for us to ask ourselves, why has all this fallen upon us? Why has the once richest nation on earth become the world’s greatest debtor? Why have we fallen from the height of moral and spiritual world leadership to a pitiful, empty shell, mocked and hated throughout the world? Why have we lost our fervent patriotism, and the desire to provide for the needs of our families through the dignity of hard work. I believe that the answer lies in one word, SIN. Our Founders understood that only a righteous people, living in accordance with the principles of Holy Scripture could keep a Constitutional Republic, and many of their writings bear witness to this fact. As we have first neglected and later rejected the teachings and clear warnings of the Bible, the inevitable result has been national decline.

Most certainly, the decline of the American Republic did not begin with the inauguration of Barak Obama, for even Lincoln observed in a national address that “We have forgotten God.” But, I cannot think of any point in our history that has had a greater impact upon our national wellbeing than the Roe-V-Wade decision of the Supreme Court of the United States. Yes, the merciful, gracious, long-suffering God has withheld His judgment from our land for many generations, but I cannot help but believe that opening the floodgates of abortion in 1973 was the final act of national depravity worthy of divine censure. Since that day, 60 million of our fellow citizens have been slaughtered by the abortionist’s knife, while numerous cries for Congress to correct this grievous national sin have gone unheeded.

My friends, the time has come for us to demand an end to this horrible national crime that has brought God’s judgment upon us. The Congress of the United States has had before it for a number of years legislation known as The Life at Conception Act that would immediately nullify Roe-V-Wade. Your personal contact with your representatives to encourage them to move this legislation forward would go a long way to seeing this blot upon our national honor done away with forever. Our legislators are still our elected servants to enact laws concurrent with our wishes.

Finally, let me say a word to those suffering under the terrible weight of sin. God loves you friend, and has made abundant provision for you, so that you can be forgiven of every sin (including abortion) and cleansed from all unrighteousness. Jesus said, Come unto Me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Matt. 11:28. Long ago Almighty God decreed in Ezek. 18:20a, The soul that sinneth, it shall die. The Apostle Paul stated in Romans 3:23, For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God. This includes you and me, and every person, except Jesus Christ, the Godman, the Son of God Who, because of His sinless life, could present Himself a spotless sacrifice to God the Father as a substitute for us, the just for the unjust, that He might bring us to God. I Pet. 3:18. Jesus suffered on the cross of Calvary the penalty we deserved for our sin, and rose from the grave for our justification, proving Who He was, the very Son of the living and true God.

My friend, are you tired of the life you are living? Have you tasted of all the pleasures of this world and found them bitter and empty? I well remember looking into a mirror at the age of 30, and saying to myself, “Is this all there is to life, because if it is, life stinks.” Just a short while later I heard the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ, (gospel means “good news”) and oh what good news it was. Jesus died for me. He took my place on the cross, and by receiving Him by faith I can have eternal life with Him in heaven, and a more abundant life here on earth by following Him. This is known as being “Born Again.” I called upon Him in faith, asking Him to forgive my sin, and my friend, He did. It was by far the greatest event of my life, and I can boldly proclaim it 44 years after the event.

Oh call upon Him today. Admit your sin, bow before Him in humble submission, and ask for forgiveness. He will hear your plea, cleanse you from every sin, and give you a wonderful new and eternal life. Take it from a wicked sinner saved by the grace of God, you will never regret it.

Devotional submitted by:
Philip Croom, Vice-President of the Executive Board, Baptists for Life of Wisconsin,
Member of the Board of Directors, Access Women’s Center, Madison, Member and Deacon, Waunakee Baptist Church

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