The Option of Adoption-1st Place

BFLW Devotional
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Adoption – a word known by most, but experienced by few – is something which reveals the best in people. ln that one word; hope, love, fulfillment, happiness, home, family and belonging take up residence. In adoption, the love of one is given to another by no merits of their own. This love is simply given as a gift. Yet, in America today, adoption is not a prevalent practice. According to the Adoption Network Law Center, 135,000 children are adopted in the United States each year. This may seem to be a large number, but its relative size reduces when the number of abortions in 2016, tallying over 862,000 (Guttmacher lnstitute), is realized. lt is clear to see that adoption should be part of the lives of many more people. The option of adoption should be considered by the fearful mother who is unsure of keeping her child, the hope-filled couple who is unable to have a child of their own and the loving family who wishes to just be a blessing.

Many mothers are hesitant of having a baby. Thus, they should consider the option of adoption. The reasons for not wanting to have her child vary from mother to mother. A study conducted by the Guttmacher Institute found that the majority of women’s reasons for having an abortion were that a child would interfere with their education or career. Lack of money to properly take care of the child was also a major concern. When faced with these fears, many turn to abortion clinics which market their services as a viable option to frightened mothers. So many times, the option of adoption is forgotten or at least not mentioned as much as abortion. If a mother has determined that she is unable or unwilling to take care of a child, she should seek the help of an adoption agency. Through it, the child can be saved and placed with a family who is able to rear him. Through adoption, a birth mother can choose life for her child, and save herself from the years of heartache that abortion can bring. Adoption is the life-saving, life-changing experience that every hesitant mother should think about.

Many couples, despite their best efforts, are unable to have children on their own. So, they should consider the option of adoption. While many may not think about it, infertility is a common issue. According to the CDC, twelve to thirteen percent of couples experience trouble becoming pregnant. Through adoption, the opportunity to raise their own child can be realized. Unproductive couples are able to feel the joy they may have already given up on because of adoption. Many are hesitant of adopting a child because the child is not their own. But, as Helen Keller put it, “All that we love deeply becomes a part of us.” Through adoption, a great new step can be taken in the lives of childless couples. To love a little one in desperate need of love can be the new purpose of their lives. Any couple wishing, praying and hoping to have a child can find an answer to prayer through adoption.

Many families are filled with a love which extends beyond their own children. Thus, these families ought to consider the option of adoption. The need for families to adopt is great because there are many children in need of homes. There are currently about 430,000 children in the United States foster care system. While adoption can cost thousands of dollars, it is a worthy investment. Through a family’s investment of time, money, and love, the life of a child can be radically changed. Many adopted children have grown up to become very successful. These include comedian, musician, and actor Jaimie Foxx; Silicon Valley guru and Apple founder Steve Jobs; and former US President Bill Clinton. The potential hidden in the children that need adopted will never be realized unless a family takes the risk of adoption.

Adoption should be an option considered by pregnant mothers, childless couples, and loving families. In all three of these types of people, an unexplainable love is found. For a mother to choose to give her child life, for a couple to find the love of their lives and for a family to willingly alter its life to alter the life of a child in need are all examples of great love. The best side of human beings is seen when one adopts the child of another. In this simple yet profound act, man is most like God; for God, our perfect example, is willing to adopt even the worst of mankind into His eternal family. Adoption should be adamantly supported by those who choose life and love. The world would be radically changed for the better if the option of adoption were a choice to be made by many more individuals.

1st Place Winner of 2019 BFLW Essay Contest
Calvin Goodman (Age 17)
Heritage Christian School
Cleveland, Ohio