What is Truth?

BFLW Devotional
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 Sadly, we live in a society that has turned a blind eye to absolute truth as found in Holy Scripture. The Christian religion that guided our Founders in establishing the greatest, freest, and most powerful nation on earth is quickly being replaced by a new, official state religion called WOKEism.

Mr. David Kupelian makes this observation;

” … this new faith is not like a religion, nor is it cult-like. It is a complete and total life religion, influencing every aspect of the believer’s existence. And it is, right now, being forcibly imposed on the entire American populace by virtually every major societal institution … “
He cites government, media, big tech, academia, and big business as culprits in spreading the lies that have become the foundational principles of this new national faith. What are some of the basic principles of this new, enlightened WOKE “faith?”

  1. Systemic Racism. Christian white supremacists abusing and exploiting “people of color.”
  2. White Privilege. Being born with white skin makes a person also born a racist bigot. They, therefore, use their “whiteness” to hold down all the minorities, especially people of color.
  3. Injustice. Bigotry against every minority group, which according to David Kupelian, includes everything LGBTQ, child-grooming “trans” school teachers, TikToc stars, drag queens, the “non binary,” other marginalized groups including the homeless and “undocumented immigrants.” All these are “victims” and shamefully oppressed primarily by heterosexual white males.

Furthermore, the born-again, traditional, patriotic, Bible believing Christian is now being openly targeted as a “domestic terrorist” and “enemy of Democracy.” Not long ago the Ultra­leftist Jane Fonda during a segment of The View on national TV was asked what should be done with “these people”? She curtly replied, “Murder.” Certainly, we would not deny that there have been abuses and discrimination in the past, and would make no excuses for it. However, this modern WOKE doctrine is replete with lies, and will do nothing but further divide the American people and ultimately destroy our blessed nation. Be not surprised when those who embrace these principles mock, jeer, ignore and viciously attack anyone who stands against, or in any way disagrees with their evil agenda. Remember the words of George Orwell; “The further society moves from truth, the more it will hate those who speak it.”

Friends, be of good cheer. I have a word of absolute truth to share with you. In the Gospel of John chapter 3, verse 16 we find these blessed words; For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life. The operative word is believeth, and what is it that we must believe?

  1. That we have sinned against Almighty God. Romans 3:23, 5:12.
  2. Because we are sinners, we are lost and deserve punishment. Romans 6:23a.
  3. Because we are helpless to do anything to please God. Isaiah 64:6-7.
  4. That God saw our need, and in love sent His Son Jesus to die in our place. Romans 5:6-8.
  5. Believing in Jesus means casting away anything else we are trusting in, receiving Christ, and Him alone as our Savior, Who died in our place, receiving the punishment we so richly deserved. Romans 5:8-10. Then, that He rose from the dead for our justification. Rom. 4:25.
  6. That by faith we call upon God to forgive our sins, and receive Jesus Christ as our Savior. Romans 10:9, 13.

This friend, is the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ. Gospel means good news, and Oh what good news it is. Everlasting life by believing the gospel, which also causes us to change our mind about sin. (Repentance) Acts 20:21.

Imagine what such a loving God, Who gave His only begotten Son for the salvation of sinful men and women, must think of the extermination of over 65 million of His tiny created beings. The Bible tells us that the human race was created to bring Him glory. The blood of the innocents has defiled our beloved nation. Thank God that the infamous Roe-v-Wade decision has been overruled and abolished.

But our work is far from over. Our state anti-abortion statute that has stood for over 170 years is in danger. We cannot allow this righteous, longstanding law to be overturned by the new liberal WOKE majority of the Wisconsin State Supreme Court.

Here is truth. Jesus Christ died for you and for me. We receive salvation and eternal life by believing the gospel. It is a gift, freely given of God by his grace through faith alone. Ephesians 2:8-9.

Jesus said, I am the way, the truth and the life. No man cometh unto the Father but by Me. John 14:6. Friends, trust not the lies of the ungodly advocates of WOKE ism, but believe the gospel and be saved today. It is God’s ultimate truth of the everlasting Gospel. Rev. 14:6.

Submitted by Philip Croom
Member of the Executive Board, BFLW
Member of the Board of Directors, Access Women’s Center, Madison
Deacon, Waunakee Baptist Church, Waunakee, WI