When the Foundations are Destroyed-Part 2

BFLW Devotional
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As noted in the title, this is the conclusion for the December 2019 devotion for Baptists for Life of Wisconsin.  You may want to read or review part 1 before you proceed.

In secularism, the moral basis for government is man’s depraved nature and distorted sense of right and wrong, apart from God’s Law.  There are obviously no “commandments” if there is “no God,” and thus there are no moral absolutes.  Laws, decisions, ethical norms are formulated and based on relativism and situation ethics ( in which the end justifies the means).  These views are outlined in The Humanist Manifestos I and II.  You may recognize the name John Dewey (1859-1952) from the field of education, who has a major influence on our modern educational philosophy.  As stated earlier, this “has been believed, taught and defended by our public education from kindergarten through graduate school.”  Dewey and other secularists of his day signed the Humanist Manifestos affirming that “The nature of the universe depicted by modern science makes unacceptable any super-natural or cosmic guarantees of human value.”  Other humanists later added, “Moral values derive their source from human experience.  Ethics are autonomous (self-governing) and situational, and need no theological or ideological sanction.”  

Obviously, a society cannot function with any justice or ethical integrity when there is no “standard of right and wrong” by which to assess the value system.  Where did this lead our nation?  The Humanist Manifesto II later approved of abortion, euthanasia, suicide, and total sexual license for consenting adults.

We are experiencing the results of secularism / humanism in our nation.  Obviously, in this secular ideology, there is no moral, Divine basis for government and just laws, thus no God and no reason to believe or accept the “inalienable rights” as the Declaration addresses.  Rights granted by the Divine Creator are replaced with the alienable rights of fallen men.  Divine Laws are replaced with civil laws, so men become the “judges and arbitrators” of right and wrong.  This is dangerous and destructive, and the reason for the tyranny, oppression and bloodshed across now and across history!  Ideas have consequences; bad ideas result in wicked, deadly, destructive and condemning consequences!

It’s interesting that Psalm 11:3 doesn’t say “If the foundations are destroyed,” but rather “When the foundations are destroyed.”  We are well underway in the process of national godlessness.  

So what can the righteous do?  Obviously, secularism is self-defeating and contrary to everything God has revealed in His Word.  In His holiness, justice and truth, He must, has, is and will judge America.  But we are here at this time as Christian patriots and hopefully, we all kneel at the Cross and stand for the flag.  We stand for the flag for what it represents, as noted in our Pledge of Allegiance and the goodness that has flowed traditionally across our history.

We live in dark times, but the world has been dark since Genesis 3.  It’s interesting that the Bible never teaches us to adapt to godless cultural norms or alter who we are to “impact” the ever changing world around us.  His commands, directives, instructions and ministry remains the same!  We must not only know, but we must obey His Word.

The church has been here before.  E. g., in the first 3 centuries of the church, 1) there was no Christian majority; 2) there was no national Judeo-Christian ethic; 3) there was no protection from the Constitution or Bill of Rights; 4) there was no “most favored religion” status and 5) there was no recognition of the God of the Bible.  In fact, society then was much as it is now.  There were many false gods, false faiths, philosophies and twisted ethical standards.  Then, as now 6) society was permeated with selfishness and sensuality.  7) Occult practices and pagan ceremonies were common.  8) The ungodly flourished, and idolatry was rampant.  9) Ethics and morals were as debauched and depraved then as they are now.  10) Christians were persecuted and martyred at the whims of magistrates, and laws were passed condemning Christianity.  11) Christians were blamed for all sorts of social evils, and there were all kinds of fabrications about the faith (e. g., the church practiced “cannibalism” by observing the Lord’s Table).

But it was in this setting God worked!  Christians lived godly lives and were faithful in sharing the Gospel.  Their message was new, unique and radical, affirming there is One True God; there is sin; there is wrath and judgment; there is a Savior and a Holy Spirit; there is a Heaven and Hell.  As a result pagans were saved and the Kingdom of God spread!  Why?  By the grace and power of God, and the fact that Christians shared the Gospel, which changed the course of the world.  God had a great work to do, and He used His people to do it.

This responsibility hasn’t changed in our times; God still has a great work to do, and He still uses His people to do it!  We must not be discouraged or intimidated by the secular and antagonistic world – the church has been here before!  Though it is a high privilege to live in “Christian America” with our rights and privileges, be assured God will not be defeated by anything the world, the flesh or the devil can do.  He has triumphed in antagonistic, secular societies before, and He can do it again when and where He wills!

Our calling is to remain faithful to God and His Word.  When the foundations are destroyed … that’s what the righteous can do!

Pastor Richard C. Rogers
Calvary Baptist Church of Sturtevant
President of the Board, Baptists for Life of WI